I'm a doctor specializing in immunohemotherapy and health training. Truly passionate about personalized medicine, aesthetic and nutritional medicine, training and quality of life. I founded Pillars of Health because I believe that health is much more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of physical, psycho-emotional, nutritional and social well-being.

Clinical Analysis

Precision medical diagnostics for your health and well-being

We go beyond cosmetic care. Our partnership with Synlab, the market leader in clinical diagnostic services, reinforces our commitment to the various stages of your health. With a wide range of tests and analyses, we offer complete medical care to ensure your well-being.

Aesthetic medicine

Raise your self-esteem and transform your life with aesthetic medicine

We understand that emotional, social and mental well-being is deeply linked to our physical appearance. At Pilares da Saúde, we offer you innovative aesthetic medicine treatments that go beyond restoration and remodeling. We work to enhance your natural beauty, improve your self-esteem and, consequently, improve many aspects of your life.


Many physical problems can be a reflection of emotional and mental problems. Aesthetic medicine has the potential to increase self-esteem, providing positive effects on an individual's mental and emotional health.

Personalized approach

We carry out a full clinical assessment and propose an aesthetic treatment plan that responds specifically to the needs of each patient. Each treatment is unique, just like you.

Natural beauty

Aesthetic medicine at Pilares da Saúde is not limited to restoration. Our aim is also to highlight and enhance your natural beauty, making the qualities you already possess even more evident.

Safety and health

Patient safety and health are paramount to us. When planning treatments, our priority is to ensure the health and well-being of each patient, while at the same time seeking to achieve the desired aesthetic result

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